Time Tracker App


Time Tracker App

Today I started to look for a time tracking app, which I can use to keep track of time (obviously) spent on each project.

A priceless tool for a freelancer.

I tried searching on iTunes Store, but the search function wasn’t working properly, so the optimist within thought I might as well search all the apps in the store…
I remember back in the day sitting with my newly bought iPhone 3G, and iTunes Store was so incredibly small, I knew every app released. Well, today that’s not the case. I couldn’t even be bothered to plow through an inch of the enormous amount of apps in the store.
However, I do like to point out I’m very happy and excited there are such a vast number of apps – no doubt, but sometimes when you’re searching for something specific you just have to be amazed at the grandness of the whole thing. I do wonder if Apple had a clue they were about to revolutionise the whole industry.


Well, they probably did – amazing company that it is!

So far I’ve tried a few apps, but they’ve all left me disappointed. Those I’ve already left behind me for different reasons are: TimeLogger, ippuku lite, Activitime.
So folks, I’m looking for a time logger, time tracker etc. Any tips anybody? Please, share…
Tan out!


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