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Founded in 2012

Founded in 2012 by Charnette Bank, who finally decided to answer the long over-due call to the pen. As a written word fanatic since childhood and a language geek, her new career path was obvious; this was something she'd dreamt about for years...



Tan Translations is currently working in the languages English-Swedish, but there are plans...



The professional blog of Tan Translations, which you'll find on this site, is about such exciting topics as languages, translation, and writing. Charnette is also running a personal blog about her life; Charnette - Padawan & Ponderer, both in Swedish, and in English. She's addicted to photography and Photoshop, which you can see for yourselves if you check out her marvelously amateurish photo gallery.




The Japanese saying "Shikata ga nai" is one of her mottos.

She loves Japan, and likes Asia in general a tad too much.

She despises narrow minded people.

She believes we are here to learn; "Knowledge is power".

She has been accused of being too meticulous, and a Jack-in-office! Although she herself might say she's just into order, and is naturally curious! About everything!

She fears arrogance and ignorance, and hopes to die as wise as master Yoda.


Charnette is a globetrotter, who loves languages, photography and learning new stuff. She is a firm believer you can never escape your destiny, but still believes you - yourself - have to make your destiny come true. Contradictions is her middlename.

Charnette's translating experience was quite slim as she started out on the freelance path, but due to hard work it's growing in a steady pace. She has an incredible will power, and her goal is to include another language on her repertoar; namely Japanese, which she used to study at University level in Sweden back in the days.

Free time is something Charnette periodically doesn't have enough of (who does?), but when she does you seldom see her without her camera or her computer - those are her two favourite things. She is also an animal lover, and one day she dreams about being able to give back some love to the furry, cute and homeless creatures all over the world; perhaps in form of a new home.

and, but, so, well: who is Tan?


Charnette has all her life had trouble with non-Swedish people - they simply cannot pronounce her name without serious difficulty. Her Thai friends gave her a Thai nickname: Tan (basically only short for Nettan, which is the nickname her family use), but much easier to pronounce.

Charnette decided it to be a perfect fit for both her and her company; short & simple, easy to remember.


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I'm a member of the Translators' Communities: Proz & Translator's Café

Check me out here:

 仕方がない - shikata ga nai - it can't be helped 

Japanese phrase


What Can I Do For You and What Will It Cost You?



Tan Translations' working languages are currently English & Swedish. When you order a translation from Tan Translations you'll get proofreading and editing for free. In general, translation rates are based on the amount of words in the source language, i.e. the original text, rather than an hourly rate.

The prices below also include free proofreading and editing:

  • € 0.10/word
  • $ 0.13/word
  • SEK 0.80/word



Tan Translations provide proofreading and editing in both Swedish and English. I provide this service for free if you hire me for a translation project. In general, proofreading and/or editing are usually charged on an hourly basis, rather than a per word rate.

Currently the hourly rates for proofreading and editing are:

  • € 30/h
  • $ 40/h
  • SEK 250/h



Any subject, any type. To get a better grasp of Tan Translations' writing style please visit Tan Translations' professional blog and for more personal writing from Charnette visit: Charnette - Padawan & Ponderer; Swedish version or English Version. Any written project is charged per piece, the price depending on the amount of words, subject and style. Please email me for a quote.

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Tan Translations accepts payments via wire transfer and PayPal, only. No credit cards or cheques of any kind.


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Check out Charnette's personal photo gallery!




Charnette is writing a diary-styled blog about her new life and career; in 2012 she moved to Thailand, somewhat semi-permanently, although aiming at permanent. In her Swedish blog "Charnette - padawan & ponderer" she writes about this life changing event, her everyday life, and anything which might inspire, aggravate or block her.

Charnette has been passionate about writing since childhood, and in Thailand she finally managed to find the time to start writing on a daily basis. You will find the Swedish blog here and the English translated version here.

At the moment, due to unforseen events she is now staying full time in Sweden again, and has no plans for moving back to Thailand.



Charnette is not a professional photographer, although she likes to dream one day she might be. Photography is something which has been with her since the dark ages, and she aspires to travel the world and documenting every tiny little bit of her journey.

Living without a camera, simply isn't living at all!

You'll find Charnette's personal photo gallery here. Stop by and enjoy her pictures from all over the world.


Check out Charnette's personal blogs:

svensk blogg/Swedish blog


English blog


Pix by Charnette

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